Gender, Globalisation and Democratisation

The Gender, Globalisation and Democratisation (GGD) Network identifies, documents and analyzes the many facets of globalization and its impact on women, including the different ways that globalization and gender are understood by women and men around the world.

The GGD Network is a worldwide interdisciplinary group of scholars which aims to provide reliable knowledge gathered from all parts of the world that can be used to improve the social, economic, and political position of women in the era of globalisation. To this end, the network aims to increase knowledge about the gendered impact of globalization on various populations and about the prospects and initiatives for democratization, understood as the full and equal participation of women and men in political and economic decision-making.

Other GDD Network activities have focused on education, outreach and capacity building, with a particular emphasis on the issue of sex trafficking. GGD holds regular workshops and seminars and promotes publications by network members. The network is also committed to sharing scholarly publications and other materials online. The most recent contribution to this effort is Feminist Practices: A Digital Course Reader by Mary Hawkesworth, and the Signs@40 virtual issue, which analyzes and makes digitally available 40 years of feminist scholarship.

The GGD Research Programme was initiated by the International Social Science Council as a Scientific Programme in 1998, and is coordinated by Jane Bayes of California State University, Northridge. In recent years, GGD Network’s major collective research effort is the book Gender and Power: Toward Equality and Democratic Governance, edited by Mary Hawkesworth and Mino Vianello and published in 2015. The book presents a broad array of disciplinary perspectives on the topic, including contributions from sociologists, psychologists, political scientists and economists worldwide.

Future plans for the GGD Network include a continuation of its research, education and capacity-building mission, especially with regard to sex trafficking, and a new initiative on women’s community organizing around food in an increasingly interconnected world.

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