Philippines, National Research Council

The National Research Council is a member since 1933.

The National Research Council is the oldest collegial scientific organization in the Philippines, having been created in 1933. It has the following mandates to: promote and support basic research in all fields of sciences, including the social sciences and humanities, for the continuous improvement of the research capability and professional skills of individual or groups of Filipino scientists; foster linkages with local and international scientific organizations for enhanced cooperation in the development and sharing of scientific information; and promote scientific and technological advancement to all sectors of Philippine society.

The NRCP is attached to the Department of Science and Technology, the premier science and technology policy-making body of the Philippine Government. Through the years, associate memberships have grown to a total of 2,710, composed of scientists and technologists in all fields of science, including social sciences and humanities. To accomplish its objectives, the NRCP provides research grants, gives financial assistance to PhD/M.S. students, and organizes seminars, workshops and symposia. As an advisory body, the NRCP prepares position papers, policy statements and resolutions and provides comments and suggestions to Congress and Senate bills dealing with issues requiring scientific enlightenment.

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