IUTOX, International Union of Toxicology

IUTOX is an ICSU member since 1996.

The International Union of Toxicology was created in 1980. It has 43 National Societies. The purpose of the Union is to foster international scientific cooperation among national and other groups of toxicologists and promote worldwide acquisition, dissemination and utilization of knowledge in the science of toxicology, in particular by sponsoring International Congresses on Toxicology for the benefit of humankind.
The educational programmes of IUTOX are designed to disseminate new or recent knowledge on toxicology to members and other interested parties. IUTOX (Commission on Education) organizes continuing education courses and holds a Risk Assessment Summer School every 2-3 years. Scientific activities are disseminated to the scientific community and to the public at large through its website, publications, and in the Newsletter.

Website of IUTOX: