IUMRS, International Union of Materials Research Societies

IUMRS is a member since 2005.

The Materials Research field seeks especially to stimulate innovation and basic scientific insight that result from cross-fertilization of ideas among more traditional scientific disciplines such as Physics, Chemistry, Bio-Sciences, Ceramics, Metallurgy, Geology, Engineering, Mathematics, Device Technology, and Nanotechnology.

The International Union of Materials Research Societies (IUMRS) was established in 1991. It unites 13 regional Materials Research Societies and 8 Institutional Affiliates, world-wide, dedicated to fostering and advancing interdisciplinary research in Materials Science, Technology and Engineering. The mission of the Union is to advance international collaboration and networking in the pursuit of materials research and materials education, and in the development of resulting technologies, resources, insights and strategies to benefit the global community.

The IUMRS and its members conduct regular multi-disciplinary international conferences on the science and technology of materials, forums on materials education, workshops, and institutes on global policy issues. IUMRS publishes FACETS – a quarterly international newsletter and bulletin for the Research and Policy communities. IUMRS is interested in collaborating with other members of ICSU to address major scientific issues of global impact and concern.

The Union is governed by its General Assembly. Its Executive Council consists of its six elected principal officers. The General Secretary facilitates the transactional activity of the Union. Commissions on Meetings, Publications, Awards, and Membership Affairs have functional responsibilities for major business of the Union.

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