Understanding and responding to the powerful opportunities and challenges that the digital revolution poses to both science and society is imperative, especially in an age of disruption and disinformation.

    The Digital Revolution

    Global society is in the throes of a digital revolution that has transformed the way in which information and knowledge are acquired, stored, communicated and used. This revolution is distinguished by its speed, its global pervasiveness and its disruptive consequences. There are few areas of individual, commercial, social or political action that are unaffected. It poses powerful opportunities and radical challenges both to science and to society to adapt in ways that maximize beneficial and minimize negative outcomes.

    30 years since the inception of the World Wide Web, the culture of sharing and collaboration that it embodied has progressively expanded from open source software, to open access publishing, to open data and entirely open analysis, and to the growing open science movement. There is now an opportunity, and arguably an obligation, to systematically open science and its outputs to a wider range of societal actors, including citizens, to address shared problems and enable the joint creation of actionable knowledge.

    The ISC’s projects and programmes under Domain Two include:

    • 2.1 Data-driven interdisciplinarity: More effective, evidence-based solutions for complex global challenges based on interdisciplinary collaboration enabled by data integration policies and practices across scientific fields and disciplines.
    • 2.2 Global data resources and governance: A global, cross-sectoral coalition of support for principles and processes of data access, for the adoption of priorities for its federated governance, and for sustainable business models for key scientific databases in a way that aids the global scientific enterprise.

    Domain Two, along with the ISC’s three other domains – The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Science in Policy and Public Discourse and The Evolution of Science and Science Systems – can be found in the Council’s Action Plan and in more detail in the working papers below.

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    Photo Credit: Nick Fewings on unsplash