The Action Plan sets out the International Science Council’s activities over the next two and a half years. Its most important purpose is to form a practical framework for the ISC’s work until the end of 2021, and to work towards our vision of science as a global public good.

    Advancing Science as a Global Public Good: Action Plan 2019-2021 marks the culmination of many months of Board discussions, consultation within the ISC membership and with the broader international science community. It represents an ambitious programme of much-needed initiatives that will position the ISC as an impactful global voice for science in four domains:

    At the heart of the Plan is a selection of projects and programmes that are relevant to all scientific fields and all parts of the world. Some of these are already in progress; others are ready for development. Many encompass and build on ongoing ISC activities, including the Council’s portfolio of international research programmes, scientific committees, networks, data bodies and observing systems.

    The Action Plan is intended to be a living document, allowing the ISC the flexibility to respond to new and emerging opportunities, and to adapt to ongoing strategic reflection and development. It will also provide a basis for continual monitoring and progress reporting to members and other stakeholders.

    The Plan aims to motivate and activate our growing membership to engage in the ISC’s science projects and programmes. Implementing the Plan will require partnering with our members, and with other international scientific organizations, funders, and stakeholders who share and are inspired by the ambitions captured in the document.

    The ISC invites you to download the Action Plan (in Full or Mobile version) and work with us to advance science as a global public good.



    Maize vascular tissue. Fluorescence light micrograph of a transverse section through a stem from a maize plant (Zea mays), showing vascular bundles (green). Vascular bundles are structures in vascular plants containing the tissues responsible for transporting water and nutrients. This sample has been stained with berberine and imaged under ultraviolet (UV) light, causing the berberine to fluoresce. Magnification: x360 when printed at 10 centimetres across.

    * A note for members of the ISC: An electronic version of the Action Plan was sent to you on 12 September. If you did not receive this email, please contact secretariat@council.science