Various Standing Committees will be set up by the General Assembly to advise the Governing Board on key aspects of the Council’s work and the Governing Board’s duties.

These Committees shall be appointed by the Governing Board on the basis of nominations by Members. They shall be chaired and vice-chaired by Governing Board members and shall include non Governing Board members.

The Governing Board will select and appoint a group of up to four advisors who will assist in ensuring that the Committees will include people with the right knowledge and expertise.

Committee for Finance and Fundraising (CFF)

Chaired by a Member of the Governing Board and including the Treasurer as a committee member, this committee will address issues of finance, auditing, resource mobilization and risk management.

Committee for Freedom and Responsibility in Science (CFRS)

Chaired by a Member of the Governing Board, the committee will deal with freedom and responsibility of science issues at the global level.

Committee for Science Planning (CSP)

Chaired by a Member of the Governing Board, the committee will undertake scientific strategic planning and reviews and address major thematic issues concerned with science for policy and policy for science.

Committee for Outreach and Engagement

Chaired by a Member of the Governing Board, the committee will engage with Members, and focus on membership matters, outreach to external stakeholders, partnerships and strategic communications.

Elections Committee

Chaired by the President, and including four additional members proposed by the Governing Board and elected by the General Assembly, this committee will be responsible for advising on and managing the Governing Board nominations and election processes.

Forum of Patrons

Comprised of a number of outstanding individuals from different sectors, the Forum will be appointed by the Governing Board and will help the Council with advice, name recognition and credibility within and beyond the scientific world. The President will convene and chair the meetings of the Forum of Patrons.

Ad  Hoc Committees

Ad hoc committees may be established by the General Assembly or the Governing Board for a limited duration to deal with specific objectives and tasks and will be dissolved after the completion of the task or achievement of the objective.

Composition, duration and detailed  terms of reference for these Committees are provided in the Rules of Procedure as are the responsibilities of the Officers and the Chief Executive.