The main governance body of the Council is its General Assembly which meets every three years.

Voting underway at the 31st General Assembly in Auckland. Photo: Brendon O'Hagan/ICSU

The General Assembly elects a Governing Board, which provides scientific leadership and enables delivery of the vision, mission, principles and values, as well as the financial and management robustness of the Council. The Executive Board consists of six Officers and eight Ordinary Members.

Assisting the Board are a number of policy, advisory and ad hoc Committees to advise the Governing Board on key aspects of the Council’s work and the Governing Board’s duties. Initially these committees will include:

  • A Committee for Science Planning,
  • A Committee for Outreach and Engagement,
  • A Committee for Freedom and Responsibility in Science, and
  • A Committee for Finance and Fundraising.

Finally, a Forum of Patrons will be established. This will consist of a number of outstanding individuals from different sectors, who will be appointed by the Governing Board and will help the Council with advice, name recognition and credibility within and beyond the scientific world. The President will convene and chair the meetings of the Forum of Patrons.